While our schools continue to face budget cuts, Moffett’s enrichment programs remain strong. Fundraising is essential to keep the many wonderful programs and events PTA sponsors. 
Programs include Art Masters, BFF and AR Reading Programs, Class Act, Reflections, Xylophone, student study trips, assemblies, family nights, music with Mrs. Toghia/Spring Sing, school beautification and teacher supplies/support are made possible thanks to the amazing support of our community.

It takes approximately $150 per student in fundraising dollars to run these annual programs, and we need your help to keep them at Moffett. Throughout the school year, Moffett PTA will be organizing a variety of fundraisers to pay for these programs.

For those of you wishing to make a direct financial donation to the school, you may do so at any time through out the year.

In addition to funding annual student programs, this year, PTA’s goal is to support the funding of a sunshade for the lunch area as well as upgrade our computer lab. With the commitment of our Moffett community we are confident we will reach these goals to greatly benefit our students at Moffett.

Thank you for supporting Moffett!