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Art Cards


Square 1 Art Cards is a spring fundraiser offer by our Moffett PTA. In order to run a successful fundraiser, we use our Art Masters volunteers to help every student create an original piece of artwork in class. This activity will be taking place during the week of 1/14/13-1/18/13, during your child’s regularly scheduled Art Masters instruction time.

 What we ask of our parents is that spark of creativity!

Please talk to your child/children about some ideas of what they might create for their drawing. You could even draw a few practice pictures, just to help them get the creative juices flowing.

 In early spring, you will receive the Square 1 catalog, which will show you all of the items that you can have your child’s artwork reproduced on (mugs, t-shirts, jewelry, flags, magnets and so much more) and you will receive a sheet of “squickers.” This is a sheet of square stickers with your child’s artwork on it (which gives you an idea of exactly how the image would look on the items in the catalog).

Click here to see examples of products you can purchase

 Thank you for your time and support!

 Moffett PTA Art Cards & Art Masters Committees