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and vendors will send money to Moffett.

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Moffett’s group ID# 3451640


  • Create your FREE account on
  • Register your credit cards, debit cards, and grocery cards
  • Choose up to three organizations/groups to receive contributions from your purchases
  • Enter the Moffett Group ID# 3451640
  • A percentage of all purchases made at eScrip merchants will be given back to your designated organizations
  • Add eSCRIP Dining to your eSCRIP account.
  • Over 10,000 participating restaurants nationwide with eSCRIP Dining and will contribute 2.5% of your dining bill.

Ask family and friends to register their cards on
an eScrip account with Moffett’s group ID#3451640

Your Organization's Fundraising Potentials
Based on expenditures of $400 per month, at participating merchants, the chart below illustrates the extraordinary fundraising power of the eScrip program. Expenditures can be for food, clothing, travel and entertainment, as well as miscellaneous family purchases. And, keep in mind that with the eScrip program, extended family and friends who live in and out of town can also participate, supporting your worthwhile programs.
Number of SupportersAverage Amount Spent MonthlyTotal Contribution per Year

Based on 5% average merchant donation.
Does not reflect 15% administration fee.
These numbers are for illustrative purposes only.
Merchant contribution percentages vary by merchant, please check eScrip merchant contributions in your area.

Questions?  For more instructions feel free to contact:
Helen Hitch
 (714) 612-0428

Dec 5, 2014, 10:16 AM