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Music with Mrs. Toghia

            I have been your PTA-sponsored supplemental music teacher here at Moffett for the past 28 years and many of you know me well (in fact, some parents of current students were my students in the past!)


            The goal of Supplemental Music is to instill in the children the JOY of making music in an atmosphere and arena where every child can achieve success. This is particularly important for those children who may have difficulties in one or more academic areas and who are in danger of believing that school is not “their thing”. All of us tend to sing out with much less self-consciousness in large groups where our own voices aren’t distinguishable so, as the children sing together, each of them is able to feel successful in learning the songs and creating music and can take pride in his or her accomplishment.

  • I introduce basic musical concepts appropriate to each grade level and try to find songs that reinforce those fundamentals. When I can’t find a song for some concept or occasion, I’ll write one or create new lyrics to an old one.
  • I share the historical context of our traditional and patriotic songs.
  • I also share biographical anecdotes about some of our songs’ composers and the origins of our folk music.
  • For the most part, I teach by rote, without words or music in front of the students because I believe this enhances their concentration and memorization skills which will contribute to present and future academic successes in every subject.

            Of course, in order for them to learn by rote, the children must focus, so I strive to select material at each grade level that they will want to learn and I allow them to vote on the songs we perform at our Spring Sings. This provides their input and is a wonderful opportunity for building self-esteem as well as sharing some of our songs with our “company”. The glow of pride and accomplishment in the eyes of the students after their performance is my greatest joy.


            Again, I am truly gratified by the confidence Moffett PTA has placed in me for the past 28 years and I thank you all for sharing your wonderful children with me.