We are planning lots of exciting assemblies for the 2013/2014 Moffett school year!
Imagination Machine "Who, What, Where" (K-3) and "Write Away" (4th & 5th)
        Date:   02/27/2014
        Time:   9:05am (K - 1)
                   10:25am (2 - 3)
                   11:20am (4 - 5)
Artistic quality and innovative creativity combine in a fast-paced and entertaining format designed to unlock the wonderful world of creative writing.
Who, What, Where: Learn powerful techniques to get started in creative writing by developing characters, plot lines and settings through unique theater games. Spark your students' imaginations with this exciting and informative show that teaches the fundamentals of writing and inspires your class to start writing their own stories. Imagination Machine plays simple games that students can take back to the classroom and focus on creating unique characters, memorable settings, and imaginative plots. Students even act out stories on stage with the performers!
Write Away!: Students learn to move beyond the basics of creative writing through interactive theater games that help them create a completely unique story and then re-write that story using creative methods to write, write, "Write Away!"
With the help of the audience, Imagination Machine creates a brand new story unique to our school, then add the second step of writing : rewriting! Demonstrating the importance of adding details, finding the perfect story genre, and adding the finishing touches that give the authors their own distinct voice, this assembly proves that a single idea for a story can have many different versions. After a students finish their first draft, they can still write away! The 45 minute performance will involve student interaction to help create the story.  

Morris Brothers Character Education Assembly
        Date:   10/24/2013
        Time:   8:15am (3 - 5)
                    9:15am (K - 2)

Who are the Morris brothers?

Simply put the Morris Brothers are Nerds. They wear plaid pants, pocket protectors, taped glasses and their hair stands straight up. This dynamic duo may look like two nerds, but they don't believe they're nerds. After an explosion in their underground tree house laboratory; they were transformed into social superheroes on a mission to save and entertain the entire world one school at a time. To these two, N.E.R.D. stands for a Never Ending Radical Dude or Dudette. They teach "it's not what you look like, but how you feel about yourself that's important". They want kids to be confident in themselves and their abilities, to stand up for their beliefs and strive for high ideals by teaching self esteem, peer pressure, character traits, bullying, drug prevention, friendship and more.


During the assembly these 5 pillars of character are discussed.







Highlights include discussing:

     Reporting vs. tattling in the classroom without disturbing others

     Ostracizing vs. including others

     Having great character in the classroom by being responsible & listening to your teacher.

     Being prepared if someone with bad character peer pressures you & how to walk away with confidence


Understanding good Character as the actions you would take when you know no one would find out.


 *role playing involving audience participation during key points above

 * Original music performed live in concert

For more information about the Morris Brother click on the link..

The Laguna Playhouse / TheatreReach performance of By the Great Horn Spoon
        Date:   05/23/2014
        Time:  1:00pm (4 - 5)

In this rollicking adventure set during the California Gold Rush, Jack's aunt is forced to sell her beloved mansion to meet her debts. She is still unable to raise enough money to pay her creditors, and twelve-year-old Jack goes to California in search of gold to help her. Joined by his trusty butler, Praiseworthy, Jack finds adventure and trouble at every turn. Will Jack strike gold in San Francisco or come home empty-handed?  
TheatreReach is being subsidized by The National Endowment for the Arts to tour Elementary Schools in Southern California.

Achieve Science "Get Excited About Science" assembly by Rich Blagden
        Date: 04/21/2014
        Time: 9:05am (K - 1)
                 10:25am (2 - 3)
                 11:20am (4 - 5)
The 45 minute interactive assemblies about scientific principles (Life, Physical, Earth Science & Experimentation) are engaging, entertaining, and educational. Rich uses everyday objects when conducting scientific experiments. The child-centered focus assemblies align with CA science content standards.

Imagination Machine Writing Show
Date:   2/27/2014
            Time:   9:05am (K - 1)
                       10:25am (2 - 3)
                       11:20am (4 - 5)
The Imagination Machine's most popular assembly will literally bring our students' own stories to life! Nothing inspires our students to write like watching their own words spring onto the stage, fully-fleshed out in a complete production with professional actors, music, props and costumes! The selected authors also receive a Certificate of Writing Achievement at the end of the show. This is the show that will have our students begging to write stories! Our Moffett students write creative short stories and the Imagination Machine actors perform them. Usually the actors pick and perform between 8 - 10 stories during each of the 3 assemblies.

Assemblies Committee coordinates the assembly programs for the Moffett student body.
How can you help?
  • Research school programs for assemblies
  • Act as a liaison between Moffett and vendors

Communicate with Moffett administration and staff for scheduling of programs

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