Moffett PTA Egg Drop - Thursday, April 7th

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Moffett PTA Egg Drop

How can you protect an egg from breaking when it is dropped from our roof?  Build your egg container and we will test it.

                Thursday, April 7th, 2016
                        3rd grade at 1:20pm

                        4th grade at 1:30pm

                        5th grade at 1:40pm

* All entries must be submitted no later than 8:03am on April 7th
*Results and participation certificates will be available before school on Friday, April 8th from 7:50am-8:03am

Moffett PTA Egg Drop – Rules and Guidelines

This activity is sponsored by the PTA to give students an opportunity to appreciate the spirit of science with a fun activity in engineering design.  We want to encourage enthusiasm and opportunities for experimentation, prediction, and independent interpretation. 

Parent participation is encouraged and can include brainstorming about safety features used for race car drivers, skaters, bicyclers, football players, etc.  How are each protected from strong impacts?  What materials are used and which seem to be the most protective?  What can be used to cushion the fall of an egg?  How can the egg decelerate slowly so it doesn’t crack?  Do heavy objects fall to earth quicker or slower than lighter objects?

OBJECTIVE:  “Package” one raw egg that can be dropped from the roof of the school and survive! 

Due to the mess it creates, please do NOT use peanut butter in your egg entry.




  1. First place one raw egg in a baggie.
  2. Next package your egg-in-a-baggie so it will not break when it hits the ground when dropped from our school roof or “chucked” at the target from the roof of the school.
  3. The size of the package may not exceed 7” x 7” x 7”.
  4. Decorate the container if you want to.
  5. Fill out the entry form on the other side of this sheet. If you have a preference, select “drop it” or “chuck it”.
  6. Cut the label from this entry form and attach it to your egg package.
  7. Turn in your completed entry form with your labeled package on April 7th, by 8:03 am, in front of the gallery.
  8. “Testing” of all entries will begin at 1:20 pm on Thursday, April 7th, 2016.
  9. Entries will be examined immediately following “testing“ and assessed for egg survival.
  10. Results and participation certificates will be available from 5:00-7:30pm at Moffett’s Science Night at Sowers

                                Good luck on your egg-cellent entry!
Questions? – Contact Amanda Yauchzee  714-337-9266
or Helen Hitch at  714-612-0428

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